Migrants: Lega delegation in Calabria tent city, human bomb

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migrants calabria

Migrants: Lega delegation in Calabria tent city, human bomb –  “A truly dramatic and inhuman situation”. This is the comment expressed by a party delegation from Senator Tony Chike Iwobi and Souad Sbai, from the national integration department of the Lega, who was in sight at the San Ferdinando tent city. , in Calabria, present, among others, the senator Fausto De Angelis, the Calabrian councilor Tilde Minasi and the regional commissioner of the party Giacomo Francesco Saccomanno.
“People totally abandoned – it is said again in the statement – and who asked for help and support. A human bomb that has now been almost ignored for over a decade and that not even the revolt of 2010 has managed to change. Indeed, the situation has greatly worsened. This is certainly not the way to welcome migrants and this is not really the way to make human beings live “.
“Senator Iwobi and the executive Sbai were stunned – the statement continues – by what was directly observed and by the suffering of so many people who landed, after sacrifices and, perhaps, even torture, in our country to be considered worse than animals. A vision that has impressed and disturbed them very much and that will no longer be able to remain in the confinement of a hallucinating reality and which is certainly not an indication of a civilized country like Italy “


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