At Verano tombs destroyed and inaccessible, Sbai announces exposed

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At Verano tombs destroyed and inaccessible, Sbai announces exposed – “Not even the dead rest in peace in Rome. At the Verano Cemetery the scenario is apocalyptic: destroyed tombs, tombstones and broken marble. All of which has been dammed for years by barriers. And what does Mayor Gualtieri do? Nothing”. With these words Souad Sbai, of the League, comments on the current state of some areas of the Verano, inaccessible for years even to the relatives of the deceased, and announces a measure.

“Tomorrow I will officially present a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for a situation in front of which, to date, the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, has never thought of giving a solution. In the investment plan for the Capitoline cemeteries presented by the majority council Pd and of which still today there is no practical confirmation, it is not clear whether there are sufficient interventions to remedy in a concrete way the devastation of the Verano Cemetery “, continues Sbai.

“The appropriations seem to be in fact more aimed at expanding the structure – adds Sbai – rather than restructuring it. We need confirmation, from this point of view. It is absolutely necessary that the deceased rest in peace and that their loved ones can go to visit to their tombs, now destroyed “.


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